NicePowerUSA provides affordable clean and renewable energy solutions to commercial and residential customers in Central New York and surrounding areas. Solar energy captured using photovoltaic systems (PV) saves money and helps reduce global warming and dependence on foreign oil.

Energy conservation is also an important part of our power future.

NYS annual average household electricity usage is typically under 7000 kWh/yr. Refrigerators are the single most energy utilizing appliance in typical homes, representing almost 20% of total power usage. Kitchen appliances in general account for almost 1/3 of the total electrical energy consumption in the average home. Relatively simple steps can be taken to improve power utilization for both residential and commercial consumers.

NicePowerUSA is dedicated to providing economical and practical solutions for our customers in all of these areas. Our professional staff can evaluate your current situation and develop strategies and systems to improve your power independance and utilization, and help us all give our planet a more viable future.